Over the years, we continue to have outstanding supporters and advisors for our projects and goals:

Dr. Pat Connolly, Biologist USGS Columbia Research Lab

Dr. Terry Gosliner, Senior Curator, California Academy of Sciences

Dr. David Hall, Professor System Science, Portland State University

Trica Oshant Hawkins, Co-founder, Environmental Education Exchange

Dr. Tamara Holmlund, Professor Science Education, Washington State University Vancouver

Hazel Henderson, Founder and President, Ethical Markets Media

Kathryn Kurtz, Executive Director, Pacific Education Institute

Amory B. Lovins, Founder and Chief Scientist, Rocky Mountain Institute

Dr. Tom Lumpkin, Director General emeritus, World Vegetable Center in Taiwan

Langdon Marsh, former Commissioner, Environment for New York and former director, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

Gifford Pinchot III, Author, Founder, Bainbridge Graduate Institute

Dr. Greg Smith at the Lewis & Clark College of Education

David Slawson, Founder, Stirling Energy Systems, President of East West College

Sir Tim Smit, Founder of the Eden Project, UK

Tissa Stein, Founder and owner of Tabor Artisan Bread Portland

Dr. Francene Watson, Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Teaching and Learning, Washington State University

….and many other wise and inspiring individuals.