For over 30 years, we have received fantastic support, that has protected watersheds and old growth forests, added to the community and enriched many lives.

Together with our wise group of advisors and individuals, our progress could not have been accomplished without the following support:

The Bullitt Foundation

The Bullitt Foundation, under the guiding hand of Earth Day founder and gentile soul Denis Hayes, have provided a supportive loan for the wonderful Highland Center while we work with them and our growing partnerships to secure this prize.

The Lamb Foundation

The Paul Allen Foundation

The Columbia Land Trust

We wish to thank our very large group of Volunteers, that have spent countless hours maintaining buildings and repairing fences, pulling invasive weeds over many acres, herding animals, and also having a bit of fun and learning along the way.

If you’d like to make a tax-deductible donation to the LWSBR, we’d be honored.