Education & Stewardship Learning

Education at Highland Center: Learning in the Building of it

In the spirit of Highland, the school is in the building of it; the creation of the educational facilities is itself an educational opportunity. Students and interns learn about the land by working on it, and learn about green building construction with their own hands. Everyone is a student, and everyone is a teacher, including the landscape itself.

Highland Center and Farm explores the relationships among science, art, culture, ecology, and local community development through a diverse range of offerings including:

Research internships

Method for Stewardship Learning

The key to harnessing the productivity and creativity of both skilled and inquiring participants is Highland’s Workgroup Method for Stewardship Learning. Two experts coordinate a team of mixed age and skill exploring resource management as an integrated system, when possible practicing under the supervision of a master.

The goal ultimately is to design and develop beautiful and useful products and services, as well as markets that sustain and employ, while conserving and stewarding resources for future generations.