Curious Plants

Plant Cards

Plant Curriculum Book

We have created a curiosity-driven learning curriculum that can be used to connect students to the plants around them. All of the plants included are part of the reserve, but are also found throughout the Northwest. The book is meant for the teacher, providing resources that could stimulate the students’ curiosity about plants and inspire them to spend time with the plants. The cards are for the students, to take into the field and look for the plants. We encourage the use of this material in preparation for a visit to the reserve. This is a living project, and our hope is that it continues to grow. There are many more plants on the reserve that are not yet included. We have left materials at the reserve for more pages and cards to be made. A part of each of us went into this project, and we hope that it is freely used by all to nurture relationships with the natural world.
Created by Amelia, Olive, Adilene, Brittney, Tyrinny, and Vondra