May 15, 2016

Highland Master Instrument Makers Wood Studio Construction Day

Contact toolmaster at for more information

Cold Spring PoppyBeesMay 24, 2016

Beekeeping without Fear

Work-trade or $20 for 2 hour class
Contact hank at for more information

May 23-28th, 2016

The Portland Waldorf School will be coming out for its tenth Farm Practicum Week this May 23th-28th. We are one of the few farms in the NW who host 9th graders for an experience intended to be a practical immersion that awakens their will to work for healing and tending the earth. Each year four or five students integrate into our farm and work as needed with spring planting, weeding, tending live stock, to working on oak enhancement in the forests surrounding the agricultural land. We provide a full workday of about 6 hours with breaks for rest, eating, and personal needs.


Workshops and Events in planning phase:

  • Neighborwood Days
  • Herb Walk
  • Edible Weed Walk
  • Cooking with Invasives
  • Scotch Broom Weed and Feed
  • Summer Solstice Celebration (Sunday, June 19th)
  • Edible Mushroom Foray
  • Wild Forest Feast(s)
  • Artist Retreat

If any of these interest you, or if you’d like to request space for your own, please contact elonatrogub AT