hank_headshotHank Patton, Founder and Chairman
Hank Patton has, for the past four decades, facilitated¬†partnerships to secure the lands within the Little White Salmon Biodiversity Reserve. In addition, he has overseen crews of volunteers to maintain the health and well-being of the reserve as well as built a network of strategic partnerships to enact a “Learning Watershed” where human impact becomes a positive and ecologically enhancing influence on the landscape. He has also raised four wonderful children in the LWSBR.


Intergenerational Finance
The management of resources as a partnership with future generations is at the heart of Hank’s work with university, policy, and science communities to develop an enhanced operating system for community redevelopment called “Intergenerational Finance“, which is designed to provide a standard forward market for what have traditionally been called externalities, or the hidden costs and opportunities that result from short-term, narrow resource management strategies. UNEP, in its inquiry into a sustainable, global financial system called the transactional framework with future generations¬†“the critical missing piece in developing a global sustaining economy“.


meandchicken-eggfultowerElona Trogub, Farm Manager
Originally from Ukraine, Elona Trogub has an extensive background as an award-winning chef turned educator, farmer, goat herdess and budding herbalist. Her focus is on building a healthy model watershed community – from the soil to the bodies and minds of the next generation.