If you are interested in hands-on stewardship learning at the Reserve, joining our large volunteer base here in the Columbia Gorge, or helping develop learning paths that connect curiosity to work-study opportunities in the real world, please drop us a note.  The LWSBR is a laboratory for exploring “the art and science of sustaining culture.”   Bring your guitar!

Some examples of “bettering” and current work-study activity :
Annual gardens, orchards & permacultural planting
Fruit drying
Cheese making
Caretaking our animal friends on the farm
Herb and seed harvest and storage
Fence and gate construction
Grafting and budding fruit trees
Greenhouse construction and management
Trail building
Building dry stone walls
Invasive weed management
Selective harvest and milling of timber by portable sawmill
hay shed design and construction
Solar electricity systems
Sourdough bread
Forest fuel-load reduction
Botanical drawing
Puppet construction
Appropriate Technology & Ecodesign
Curiosity-based mentorships for local schools and families
Electron microscopy
Invertebrate biology & economic entomology
Some examples of “bettering” and current work-study activity :
Annual gardens design and management
Orchards; permacultural planting; grafting and budding
Soils; soil testing; rotations and cover crops
Plant breeding and seed banking
NeighborWood (our free firewood program for Elders)
Puppet theater in the Forest
Let us know what interests you: